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#Design the Future

The way to build a positive future for humanity is through making accurate decisions today.

In any period of history, there was no need to think as long-term as today. Continuously increasing uncertainty, unbalanced international relations, scientific and technological developments emerging at a great pace.
Institute for the Future Research is not-for-profit organization for working on to design a better future for all. We are working with businesses, local ang state-level governments, educational  institutions and NGO’s on foresights, forecasts, researches, trainings and workshops and develop global strategies.

Our network extends to include experienced forecasters and designers from different disciplines. We are working together to generate new ideas, practices and implementing them into real life together.

Our Mission

The future can be designed and managed. Accordingly, our studies enable every level of society to take an active place in the desired future.

Our Vision

Our researchers from different competencies who come together with the dream of contributing to the creation of a beautiful future of humanity; acts with the aim of initiating change, making a difference and designing the future with the projects they develop.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage an open and broad discussion about the possibilities and threats to future social development.


this; We organize conferences, publish research reports, share content that will open interaction with channels such as email bulletins, Twitter, Instagram, post think thoughts through our corporate blog, visit non-governmental organizations, government agencies and companies and evaluate our mutual views and suggestions .

We need your support!

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