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Future. Together and Now.

Join us at the Eco Climate Summit to drive the circular economy!

Hear eye-opening speeches, informative comments, and impact-oriented examples from those leading the creation of the circular economy, and join those who bring this future together by coming together.

Sign up to meet visionaries and leaders who go beyond the ordinary, break the mold, and shape the future.

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Economy and Climate Summit

The Summit, which will take place at the ATO Congresium between 30-31 March in order to prepare for global regulations on “Climate Change” and “Green Transformation” in the most accurate and rapid manner, to combat climate change and to create a common mind for minimizing its impact on the economy, will be the world's first economy. and the climate change fair.

At the Summit, which is aimed at 12,000 participants, 50,000 online and remote visitors; In an area of 4,000 m²,  more than twenty sessions will be held with 150 national and international speakers, B2B meetings, certified training programs, trainings, workshops, and exhibitions will be held; concerts, concerts and mini shows will be staged.

For detailed information:

Institute for Future Studies

Creating a better future for everyone is possible by working together. Within the scope of the Eco-Climate Summit and Fair, organized under the coordination of Ankara Chamber of Commerce, we will discuss the approaches that shape the future, the dreams we pursue and the ways to realize them together.
As the Future Research Institute, we will hold interactive sessions at the Future Cafe, workshops in our training hall, and events that shape the future throughout the fair.

Join us.

Future. Together and Now. 

Who is at the Eco Climate Summit?


Coskun Dolanbay

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Institute for Future Studies

Ayca Akat CHR Hansen_edited_edited.jpg

Ayça Akat 

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Chr. Hansen Turkey

Aylin Akca Okan GAE_edited.jpg

Aylin Akca Okan

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Institute for Future Studies

serdar dinler KSS dernegi_edited.jpg

Serdar Dinler

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ICE International

Gaye Erkan Climate Activist_edited.jpg

Gaye Erkan

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Sustainability Consultant

Teoman Tosun_edited_edited.jpg

Teoman Tosun

Onur Air

Turgay Tosun_edited.jpg

Turgay Tosun

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levent erkan weglobal_edited.jpg

Levent Erkan

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We Global

Mehtap Kocak Barikat_edited_edited.jpg

Mehtap Kocak

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bilge demirkoz ODTU_edited_edited.jpg

Bilge Demirkoz

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ercan celik gain_edited.jpg

Ercan Celik

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Gain Media

huseyin guler kastamonu _edited.jpg

Hussein Guler

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Kastamonu Integrated

gokhan atıcı MTA_edited_edited.jpg

Gokhan Atici

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sultan tepe tepar_edited_edited.jpg

Sultan Tepe

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Organizations We Have Prepared With

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