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Terms of Use

IFR – Institute for Future Research / GAE – Future Research Institute site

Usage and Service Agreement

Before becoming a member of the site, this agreement should be read carefully and if you do not accept the terms of the agreement, the "I do not accept" box should be checked.


General provisions

  1. This agreement is signed by IFR – Institute for Futures Research / GAE – Future Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “GAE”) internet Site (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") covers all improvements and changes that may be made.

  2. Users cannot transfer this agreement or its rights and obligations under this agreement to any third party, in whole or in part, without the written consent of GAE.

  3. GAE reserves the right to stop and change any of the services/services it offers unilaterally and without notice.

  4. Users are solely responsible for the security and storage of the tools (username, password, etc.) allocated to them for accessing the Site they use in order to benefit from the services/services offered by GAE, and keeping them away from the information and use of third parties. GAE does not have any direct or indirect responsibility for the damages incurred or to be incurred by the users themselves and/or third parties due to all negligence and faults in matters such as the security, storage, keeping away from the information of third parties, use of the means of accessing the system.

  5. Every information entered by the user will be stored in the database of GAE and this information is subject to the terms of privacy . However, the said confidentiality provisions do not apply to situations that require the disclosure of this information by law. GAE, Site administrators, moderators or administrators cannot be held responsible in any way if this information is distributed and/or made available to third parties without any fault of GAE.

  6. 21-25 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works on the rights of use of names and all visual and written content used on the Site, as well as the services/services offered by GAE itself on the Site. The financial and related rights defined in the provisions of the article, without being subject to any copyright fee, exclusively to the Future Research Association and/or to the related persons to whom the Future Research Association provides content, without any place, number and time restrictions. belongs. Under any circumstances, the user will not be able to use illegal and immoral use outside of the permitted scope regarding these rights.

  7. Persons under the age of 18 (eighteen) cannot shop from the Site. The responsibility arising from the purchases made by persons under the age of 18 using their mobile phone and credit card  despite this warning belongs to their parents. GAE will not accept any direct or indirect responsibility regarding this matter, and it has the right to recourse to the Users and/or legal representatives who caused the damage for any damages they may incur due to this reason.

Terms of Use and Obligations of the User

  1. GAE consents to the downloading and use of the products to be purchased by the User by confirming this agreement and providing the credit card  information, only against the price. The User cannot change the products to be purchased in any way, cannot make it available to third parties other than those permitted by this agreement, cannot share it with another User, cannot be subject to commercial activities such as offering for sale, cannot use them in any way contrary to the law and the terms of use specified in the text of this agreement.

  2. GAE reserves the right to present the products/works to be purchased by the User in different formats.


Obligations of the User


  1. The information and content in the registration form is correct and legal, and in cases where this information is required (for example, forgetting a password), the responsibility for the damages arising from the incorrect or incomplete information will belong to him, in such cases his membership may be terminated, that the address included in this information will be given a valid notification. If he does not notify GAE in writing that he has an address, the notifications to this address will be considered valid whether or not they are notified,

  2. The content and services provided by GAE on the Site are copyright right of GAE, and will not reproduce, distribute, publish, market these services in any way without permission, including but not limited to those listed,

  3. It will not reach the services/services offered in GAE in a way other than the way determined by GAE and in an unauthorized manner,

  4. Assumes all responsibility and risk arising from the use of the site,

  5. When it is connected to the Internet, it is the responsibility of preventing harm purpose codes or materials, verifying data inputs and outputs, meeting the hardware and software needs, maintenance and updates required for the recovery of any lost data,

  6. While the user is using the Site, the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Code of Obligations, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Decree-Laws on the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights and legal regulations, all relevant legislation provisions that are currently in force and come into effect in the future. agrees to comply with the legislation to be entered and the notices to be published by GAE regarding the Site. The source IP address to which each message is sent is recorded to prevent -ethical and illegal-use. All legal, penal and financial responsibilities that may arise due to notifications and illegal use belong to the User. In this case, the service provider that the User uses to access the Internet will also be notified.

  7. Site moderators, administrators or Site administrators have the sole authority to delete, move or lock any profile/title/message at their own will and may use this authority without prior notice,

  8. Not to act in a way that affects other Users' use of the Site,

  9. He/she will be personally responsible for any action he/she will make under the username,

  10. GAE may monitor the entire Site at any time or continuously,

  11. In order to use this service, this agreement must be accepted,

  12. In case of disputes arising from this contract, this contract will have the quality of conclusive evidence, and in case of any dispute, the dispute authority is Ankara Courts and Enforcement Apartments,


If the User, who violates one or more of the articles listed in this contract, is personally liable criminally and legally for this violation and has to pay GAE third parties and/or public institutions and organizations due to the contrary behavior of the User, all kinds of compensation_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and/or administrative/judicial fines have the right of recourse to the User. In addition, GAE may unilaterally terminate the User's right to use the Site by GAE, and the contract may be terminated immediately and unilaterally without any notice.



  1. Without prejudice to the provision of Article 5 titled General Provisions of this agreement, your e-mail address will not be distributed to other organizations for any reason and will not be used for advertising, promotion, marketing .

  2. Only you can access and change all the information you enter into the system. It is not possible for another member to access and change information about you.


The user declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she has read, understood and accepted all of the articles in this contract, that he/she will be deemed to have accepted the conditions specified in this contract from the moment he/she confirms the registration and confirms the accuracy of the information he/she has given about him/her.

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